Digitizing Records & Eliminating Massive Claim Backlog

The Federal Gov't doesn't have the money to buy computers, scanners and  manpower to digitize records Veterans need in order to file claims. It now takes nearly  18 months to get records from the Roanoke or St. Petersburg Regional offices for example.

Earlier this month the Washington Post reported that the Obama administration estimated and therefore budgeted only one billion dollars as the cost of setting up the newly created health insurance exchanges. Now the government says the actual costs will be 7-9 billion. (They were only off by 6-8 billion!) With no new appropriations available OUR GOVERNMENT is seeking private "donations" from large companies to cover the difference.

I HAVE A BETTER IDEA... why doesn't the Federal Government instead seek billions in donations to buy technology for the VA to digitize its records and eliminate the massive claims backlog preventing our Veterans who served their country honorably from receiving disability benefits for years??

See link to Washington Post Article below.


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