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Four Theories About the High Rate of Veteran Suicides

Four Theories About the High Rate of Veteran Suicides

Writing recently in The Washington Post, military author Thomas E. Ricks attempted to answer why so many veterans continue to take their own lives at a higher rate than their civilian counterparts. Relating several anecdotes about military acquaintances who committed suicide, he notes that the suicide rate for veterans has increased 35 percent since 2001…. Read More »

Suicide Rates High Among Recent Veterans

A detailed new report from the National Institute of Mental Health shows that recent veterans commit suicide at much higher rates than people who did not serve in the military. The suicide rate was slightly higher among veterans who did not deploy to Afghanistan or Iraq, which means that the issue could be much more… Read More »

What Medical Problems Did Recent Wars Cause for Veterans?

In a perfect world, you would receive your veteran’s benefits and not need an attorney, but unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. Many veterans who fought in recent wars are disabled and entitled to benefits. An article published by Harvard University Professor Linda J. Bilmes entitled “The Financial Legacy of Iraq and Afghanistan: How Wartime Spending… Read More »