Onslow County Veterans Job Fair from the view point of the job seeker

The Onslow County Veterans Job Fair was a huge success and it made a big impact on the Jacksonville community both with the veterans and transitioning active duty members. All of the employers who were present representing their respected companies provided great information for the job seekers. The event was swarmed with eager service members and civilians looking for the right career path. I went to the job fair in the company of my wife Cortney Lacy and brother Aaron Robinson who were also in search of simulating job opportunities.

As I walked around and talked to each employer I found that they all provided great services to the community and surrounding areas but none of them really called out to the passion I have to help veterans.  I was still confident that I would find the career that fits me! That’s when I stopped at the table with Mr. Russotto, Ms. Maxwell, and Ms. Swinson. After speaking with them and learning about what they do at Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban it made me realize that this was the job for me.  I was the man they were looking for to fill the position at their office in Jacksonville! To make a long story short, I was able to schedule an interview with Mr. Russotto and Ms. Maxwell and I got the job!!

I believe the job fair was a total success in addition to the fact I was able to find a company that shared my passion for helping veterans I saw many others including my wife and brother interviewing with companies that they felt supported their passion in life. From the presentation of the booths to the information being passed around, the multiple opportunities that were provided gave hope to everyone in the room that was in search of a new direction.

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