Our VA Appeals Lawyers Help You Apply for a Better Veterans’ Benefits Rate

An improved rate can get your family the support they desperately need

Veteran’s benefits can be critical funds for your medical needs as well as badly needed cash for your family. Your eligibility and rate benefits can also be seriously miscounted by VA officials, who often have very limited time to review your claims. If you feel your assigned rate does not match your claim or your needs, Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban can help. It is our honor to assist eligible veterans and their families apply for a rate that reflects their needs.

How should I apply for a better rate?

You are entitled to have an agent or attorney assist you at any point when applying or appealing for veteran’s benefits, and we highly recommend that you retain a lawyer to help you when applying. To get the best possible rate, you should:

  • Review your service medical record first — Your claims should correspond to your existing medical records
  • Print your application — A handwritten application can be difficult to read and may cause confusion among the VA officials who have to review it
  • Start as soon as possible — Any disability condition diagnosed within one year of leaving the military may be considered related to service
  • Create a short summary sheet for your documentation — Medical files can be hundreds of pages long. A printed summary less than five pages can clarify issues for the VA officials
  • Be friendly and considerate to your veteran services officer — People may respond positively to your application if you appreciate their assistance
  • Read the requests for release information carefully — Your civilian medical records may need to be released to the VA. Make sure that they have requested the correct files and dates
  • Request a copy of your file from the VA after they have assessed your case — You are entitled to a copy of your file through the Freedom of Information Act, and it may contain evidence of mistakes the VA made while assessing your injuries
  • Keep your original documentation and make copies — Keep original correspondence in a file at home and make copies. An appeal is much easier with a paper trail

How do I know what conditions make me eligible for a higher disability rating?

The list of conditions that are covered by veteran’s benefits can be found online here. You can search the list for any medical condition for which you were diagnosed while serving or for up to a year after you were released from service. Since it is often technical and difficult to navigate, we recommend that you speak with one of our experienced lawyers about your eligibility before you file or appeal.

Contact us if you think you are interested in applying for a higher veterans disability rating!

If you are considering applying for an improved veteran’s benefits rating, Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban can help. We work with veterans to get disability ratings that actually reflect their medical needs. Call us at 866-866-VETS to schedule an appointment. You will pay nothing until your case is resolved and you receive compensation.