Service-Related Conditions for Vietnam & Korean War Vets

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The two wars the United States fought on the Asian continent in the 20th century exposed troops to the inherent risks of combat, along with harsh weather, a foreign environment and the perils of unproven chemical agents. If you or a veteran you love served in the Korean War or the Vietnam War, Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban would like you to know about certain exposures the VA recognizes as causing or contributing to veteran health issues. Armed with this information, you can better pursue your claim for benefits.

Exposures and risks for veterans of the Korean War

In addition to the inherent risks of combat, most notably post-traumatic stress disorder, the VA recognizes several risk factors as being specific to service in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. For both wars, the exposures include:

  • Noise — Loud noise from explosives and firearms can cause hearing loss. These sounds can also contribute to PTSD.
  • Occupational hazards —Military service exposes troops to industrial chemicals which are known to cause health problems, and manual labor can cause disabling repetitive stress injuries.

In addition, Korean War vets may suffer the lingering effects of exposure to:

  • Cold — Especially during the Chosin Reservoir campaign, troops had to endure freezing temperatures during the harsh Korean winter. The temperature was recorded at 50 degrees below zero, with a wind chill factor of minus 100. Such conditions can cause latent illnesses, such as cancer in frost bite scars, neurological problems in the extremities, vascular injury and Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

The VA recognizes these exposures for veterans of the Vietnam War:

  • Agent Orange and other herbicides — These toxic chemicals are known to have caused a wide variety of cancers among vets in Vietnam, the Korean DMZ and Thailand, as well as disabling birth defects among veterans’ children.
  • Hepatitis C — This incurable liver disease, resulting from exposure to polluted water, is manageable with the proper therapies.

If you are suffering from the effects of any of these exposures, you should file for the VA benefits you deserve. If the VA has denied your claim or has issued a questionable disability rating, our experienced, accredited attorneys can manage every aspect of your appeal vigorously and professionally.

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