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La Cucaracha
June 14, 2022.
The team did a great job for me. They were patient, knowledgeable, courteous and effective!
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Sweet Fire
June 9, 2022.
Honest, Professional and Successful! Trust and believe they will represent you with integrity.
Karisha Eure
Karisha Eure
March 24, 2022.
They are awesome didn't have to worry about anything
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Sterling Edler
March 9, 2022.
I obtain Marcari, Risotto ,Spencer & Bailaban for a personal injury matter and I must say they were professional, courteous, and very experienced. They made me feel very comfortable that everything will be taken care of and it was and in a swift manner. I would definitely use them again in the future if needed.
chiquita finney
chiquita finney
February 4, 2022.
So far so good they have built a good report with me an very trustworthy and know they will fight for me I feel I chose the right lawfirm to handle my case Anne is awesome

Applying For A Better Rating

Nationwide Accredited Appeals Attorneys Will Help You Apply For a Better Benefits Rating!

You and Your Loved Ones Deserve the Stability Your Sacrifices Earned.
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Under certain circumstances, the VA may increase a Veteran's disability rating in light of new evidence that their condition has deteriorated.

If your family needs economic benefits for medical expenses or strictly to survive from day to day, then it’s clear that your Veterans’ benefits are incredibly important. Eligibility, as well as a rating percentage, are areas that can be subject to errors by the VA officials who, unfortunately, usually have little to no time to accurately assess your claims.

Do you feel as if your rating does not match your claim?  

Or does your family need aid? That’s where our firm comes in.

Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban see it as our duty to help eligible Veterans and their family members to apply for the rating that they feel strongly mirrors their needs. 

I Want A Better Rating, How Can I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for a better rating, the most important thing to know right away is that you can have an accredited agent, or an attorney aid you with the process.  

From there, it’s important for you to take the following steps to obtain a better rating:  

•Make sure all claims are in conjunction with your prior medical records.

• Do not give a handwritten application, please use the computer, and print it out.

• Do not wait to get started, time is a key factor in getting a better rating.

• Compile all vital information from your medical records into a summarized sheet.

• Present yourself in a polite and professional manner, it may make a difference.

• Make sure all files that the VA requests are correct and up to date.

• Keep all original documentation and keep extra copies in a safe place.

Additionally, you can find a list of conditions that are covered by Veteran’s benefits online by simply clicking here.  

The Department of Veterans Affairs covers any disability that results in functional impairment, not just those listed in the rating schedule.  

It can certainly be difficult, and there is no need to be worried or ashamed.  

If you find yourself in this situation, call us today at (866) 866-VETS or reach out to us online by using the form below, so that one of our attorneys can help explain your eligibility to you, before you choose to file or appeal.

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How Do I Increase My Disability Rating?

One Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.
Great question! If the condition that you are actively receiving disability benefits for has now ultimately worsened over time, you can file an increased rating claim. It's fairly simple, and it involves filing out an online claim form or mailing a letter to your regional office documenting the change in your condition.

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If you, or someone you love, is having a tough time with the Department of Veterans Affairs and claiming the benefits needed to sustain a comfortable quality of life, do not wait another minute – contact us today! We are always available by phone at (866) 866-VETS.  

Our firm works on contingency, so there are no fees whatsoever unless we win your claim for benefits.  

We are accredited to stand for you anywhere within the United States, so even if you cannot make it to one of our many offices, we can still help you along the way. 

Once We've Received Your Submission, We Will Reach Out To You. Thanks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Hire You?

It does not cost you anything to hire our Veterans Benefits Law Firm as your attorneys. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not owe us anything unless we win you an award. Our firm charges 20%, which is deducted by the VA from your lump sum payment for retroactive benefits.

How Long Will It Take To Appeal My Benefits Denial?

While it can take six months or more for a Veteran to receive a decision on his or her initial benefits claim from the Department of Veterans Affairs, appeals could take 2 years of more. The Department of Veterans Affairs lacks the funding to properly staff and process benefits applications. The number of applications from recently returning Veterans must be dealt with while the Department of Veterans Affairs continues to actively work towards providing services to prior generations of Veterans.

How Do I Increase My Disability Rating?

Great question! If the condition that you are actively receiving disability benefits for has now ultimately worsened over time, you can file an increased rating claim. It’s fairly simple, and it involves filing out an online claim form or mailing a letter to your regional office documenting the change in your condition.

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All communication with the Department of Veterans Affairs can be conducted remotely; personal appearances are not required. 

Our law firm is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to handle appeals and we can do so anywhere across the United States. 

Furthermore, our clients do not need to go to a physical location and visit an office to receive our help. If there are any medical visits that are applicable to your claim, you can be seen at a facility that is close to your home. So, no matter where you are, if you need help, we’re here to fight for you the same way that you bravely fought to protect us. 

Call us now! (866) 866-VETS.