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La Cucaracha
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Honest, Professional and Successful! Trust and believe they will represent you with integrity.
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Karisha Eure
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They are awesome didn't have to worry about anything
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Sterling Edler
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I obtain Marcari, Risotto ,Spencer & Bailaban for a personal injury matter and I must say they were professional, courteous, and very experienced. They made me feel very comfortable that everything will be taken care of and it was and in a swift manner. I would definitely use them again in the future if needed.
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chiquita finney
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So far so good they have built a good report with me an very trustworthy and know they will fight for me I feel I chose the right lawfirm to handle my case Anne is awesome


Answers For Veterans That Are Coping with Various Anxiety Disorders

Our Attorneys Are Proud to Fight for The Brave Men & Women Who Protect This Country and Keep Us Safe.
Veterans, Anxiety, PTSD, Panic Attacks
Veterans may ask themselves, “is fight or flight a panic attack?” The answer is no, but both arise from the same limbic system in your brain.

Anxiety triggers the release of two different hormones, adrenaline, and cortisol.  

Adrenaline works to increase your heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure, so you’re ready to react in any given situation. 

Cortisol works to contract your blood vessels, conserving blood for your heart and lungs, while telling your liver to convert glycogen into glucose to raise your blood sugar levels. 

While some anxiety may be good, and welcomed, the human body is not designed to experience anxiety around the clock. 

Excess amounts of cortisol in your system can lead to depression, weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, and a suppressed immune system. 

Other symptoms of an anxiety disorder can include but are not limited to the following: 

• Cold and Clammy Hands.

• Difficulty Concentrating.

• Excessive Worry. 

• Hyperventilation.

• Insomnia.

• Rapid Heartbeat.

• Restlessnes.

• Tremors.

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is when an individual is in a constant state of worry about many different topics, but without one specific concern. 

Veterans with Generalized Anxiety Disorder jump from worry to worry, feeling anxious about all their life. 

This type of anxiety and physiological changes that go together with it have been known to lead to insomnia, irritability, depression, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, and muscle tension.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD):

OCD is an anxiety disorder where the brain compensates for obsessive thoughts and worries by compulsively following a strict set of rituals.  

For instance, obsessive thoughts can manifest in the form of frustration and worry about many things like disorganization and germs and can sometimes even lead to violent impulses. 

While individuals with OCD are commonly known to complete the same rituals over and over, those only provide temporary relief. 

Eventually, these rituals become so rooted in a person’s day-to-day activity, that they cannot be broken without inducing an incredibly high-risk level of anxiety.  

Rituals can include handwashing, cleaning, and counting items or tasks. 

Panic Disorders and Agoraphobia:

Panic Disorder is an anxiety characterized by sudden and repeated panic attacks. 

These types of panic attacks may be caused by specific triggers or can occur unexpectedly. 

Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that creates extreme fear of being in crowded places, leaving your home, or being in a place where leaving is found to be difficult. 

Sadly, people with these types of panic disorders will live a life dominated by fear. 

During panic attacks, the person may fear unconsciousness, loss of control, or even death. 

For many Veterans, panic disorders make it incredibly hard to be around large crowds and in open spaces (concerts, etc.) and as a result, it can further lead to long-lasting depression and a reduced level of confidence.


PTSD is a long-lasting, severe response to trauma. 

The types of traumas that can cause PTSD to vary from person to person. For some people, trauma can arise from a frightening and dangerous event. For others, trauma can come from something unexpected, like the death of a loved one. 

Symptoms of PTSD can include but are not limited to the following:  

• Emotional Outbursts.

• Flashbacks. 

• Jumpiness.

• Nervousness.

Continuous thoughts on guilt, worthlessness, and joylessness tend to dominate the minds of those who suffer from PTSD and can push those who suffer from the disorder to detach from their family and friends, turning to drugs and alcohol to help cope. 

Social Anxiety Disorder:

Social Anxiety Disorder is also commonly known as Social Phobia. Social anxiety can manifest itself at the root of the likes of performance anxiety, test anxiety and stage fright. 

Social anxiety disorder is an intense fear of social settings and/or situations, in which a person feels they are being judged and evaluated by everyone around them. 

This fear relates to the shame, embarrassment, and assessments you may fear receiving from other people. 

It can become so powerful for many people that they quit their job(s), drop out of school, skip out on tests, or job interviews or even totally seclude themselves from any human contact. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire You?

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It does not cost you anything to hire our Veterans Benefits Law Firm as your attorneys. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not owe us anything unless we win you an award. Our firm charges 20%, which is deducted by the VA from your lump sum payment for retroactive benefits.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Hire You?

It does not cost you anything to hire our Veterans Benefits Law Firm as your attorneys. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not owe us anything unless we win you an award. Our firm charges 20%, which is deducted by the VA from your lump sum payment for retroactive benefits.

How Long Will It Take To Appeal My Benefits Denial?

While it can take six months or more for a Veteran to receive a decision on his or her initial benefits claim from the Department of Veterans Affairs, appeals could take 2 years of more. The Department of Veterans Affairs lacks the funding to properly staff and process benefits applications. The number of applications from recently returning Veterans must be dealt with while the Department of Veterans Affairs continues to actively work towards providing services to prior generations of Veterans.

How Do I Increase My Disability Rating?

Great question! If the condition that you are actively receiving disability benefits for has now ultimately worsened over time, you can file an increased rating claim. It’s fairly simple, and it involves filing out an online claim form or mailing a letter to your regional office documenting the change in your condition.

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All communication with the Department of Veterans Affairs can be conducted remotely; personal appearances are not required. 

Our law firm is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist Veterans anywhere across the United States. 

Furthermore, our clients do not need to go to a physical location or visit an office to receive our help. If there are any medical visits that are applicable to your claim, you can be seen at a facility that is close to your home. So, no matter where you are, if you need help, we’re here to fight for you the same way that you bravely fought to protect us. 

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